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What is WEFA Youth?

  • We are an independent branch of WEFA’s that represent the young persons who want to commit their time and efforts to work in the name of the common good.
  • We plan and execute projects ourselves as well as assist WEFA with their projects.
  • We hold informative seminars, panel discussions, conferences and informative events.
  • We come together to break our fast on a pre-planned event in Ramadan.

What joining us means

  • Taking part in WEFA and WEFA Youth projects
  • Distributing brochures from WEFA and WEFA Youth
  • Present our projects and vision in your communal spaces
  • Assisting in fundraising events
  • Be an active member of the community
Youth WEFA, ASTA Bochum tarafından 7 Haziran tarihinde organize edilen iftar programının ana sponsorluğunu üstlendi. Üniversiteli gençlerle bir araya gelen Genç WEFA, kurduğu stantta gençlere WEFA’nın çalışmaları hakkında bilgiler verdi.

WEFA Youth Anmeldeformular

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