What can i do ?

How you can help

  • Donate monthly or one time to the WEFA Orphan Fund
  • Help us find donors who would be interested to take part
  • Contribute innovative ideas with which we could possibly raise more money
  • Raise the subject of orphans as a topic of discussion in your workplace and local communities
  • Create awareness about the project to your colleagues, friends, family, neighbors and locals
  • Organise fairs and food fairs to raise funds
  • Support our seminars, conferences and panels or organize one yourself to raise awareness
  • Invite us to your local societies and communities for us to increase publicity for this as well as our other projects
  • Organize a breakfast event in support of the project
  • Organize arts and photography exhibitions to. raise funds
  • Distribute our leaflets and campaign brochures in your local area
  • Share our social media handles and spread the word
What can i do ?