Why orphans

Every day, more and more fatherless children in developing countries are left vulnerable to war, poverty and hunger. Thousands of children have been left orphaned due to drought in severe weather conditions, civil war and several other reasons. In regions like Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh natural disasters have destroyed people’s livelihoods, leaving children orphaned and unprotected.

Orphan Sponsorship Project Regions

War Zones and Refugee Camps: Our work with orphans is prominent in active war zones and refugee camps. We prioritize the health and nutritious needs of the children amid food and infrastructural insecurity caused by war. We ensure that recently orphaned children inside the camps are brought into contact with any relatives or family members in and outside the camp. When this is not the case, we make sure to provide emotional and financial support instead.

Natural Disaster Zones: With this project, our priority is to save lives first. Emergency relief is then granted orphaned children identified, where we then make sure they are sheltered safely. We provide their basic needs until we identify family members. In cases where this is not possible, we work with local organizations and accommodate them by finding sustainable shelter as a long term solution within the framework of the local structure.

Long Term Drought Zones: Our project also includes children affected by hunger and poverty, including those that have lost their parents to drought and famine.

The Aim, Target and Inspections

Since the founding of WEFA, in times of disaster, hardship, war and natural catastrophes, we have taken it upon ourselves to create a secure environment for children left unprotected and alone through our relief works. The core principle of our orphan support works lay on preparing every child for their future by ensuring they become strong, educated and positive adults. We continue to support them until we believe they are able to do so themselves. Until then, we guarantee love and compassion in their lives.

WEFA International Humanitarian Aid Organisation has ordained itself the mission to help children who have in the hands of natural and man-made disasters experienced hardship, and aims to reach out to orphans before those who take advantage (like human traffickers) do so. We accommodate these children until we ensure they have safe shelter, whether with a family member, a relative or an independent shelter.

WEFA takes the necessary measures to ensure that children orphaned by war, poverty or natural disaster are not forced out of the culture in which they grew up in due to a change of environment. We make sure that safe and secure shelter is provided for them to the best of our ability. For this reason, all of our orphanages take into consideration both cultural and social factors in the upbringing of children, making sure that they grow up in an environment full of love, peace and compassion where all their fundamental needs are provided for them.

We inspect our projects on-site; wherever our orphans, care families and orphanages are, we go. During our regular inspections at our orphanages, we check the conditions of the system in place, the physical condition as well as healthy and safety of the building, the level at which clothings, health and education needs of the orphans are being met, the psychological, social and advisory services of the orphanage are revised and ensured it is at a good standard.

WEFA International Humanitarian Aid Organisation has opened 7 orphanages located in Pakistan, Togo, Burkina Faso, Bangladesh, and Somalia as well as schools for orphans in Tanzania and Burkina Faso.

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Sponsoring Systems

  • Monthly Sponsoring System: This scheme allows our donors to support an orphan that is either identified by themselves or by our organization. They continue to sponsor a child for as long as they wish. Monthly sponsorship for an orphan is 35€.
  • Pool System: Regardless of the amount, your donation can contribute towards the Orphan Fund which will be used for the educational costs, healthcare, eid gifts, orphanage renovations and social projects/events of orphans.
  • Zakat: WEFA can, upon request, put your Zakat into the Orphan Fund
  • Shelter: Enable children to grow up in a secure and trustworthy atmosphere
  • Nutrition: Ensure that the orphans‘ basic nutritional needs are met
  • Clothing: Meet the necessary needs for clothing
  • Health: Alongside medication and treatments, psychological support is also available
  • Education: Through supporting their education , we are constructing programs and projects to help in the integration and socialization of these children back into society
Der Weltalphabetisierungstag

Give your heart to those that long for fatherly love

Use this project to share what you can with the needy. You do not need wealthy to be able to do something for them. Every form of contribution, when sincere and responsible, goes a long way.

This is not like a burden; it’s like poetry, like the prayer of the elderly, like the spoon that elegantly stirs the soup, it promises ease. To commit an act of goodwill in awe and with love, you have opened your heart ready to be filled with the intention to make an orphan smile. Regardless of where they are in the world, orphaned children are our children! Some have lost their families to war, some earthquakes, some to other disasters and others to poverty and famine. Even if we cannot rid them of the pain they are in, we can at least make it easier to deal with. Let’s not just stand by watching! They lost their families; let’s not let them loose hope as well. Let’s help them chase their dream no matter where they are in the world. Come, lets give them the love they have been longing for!