Those that carry WEFA close to their heart…

Within the framework of the mission and vision of WEFA, loyalty are primary factors that are to be conducive to the continued presence of volunteers. Volunteers idea, effort, time, attention, knowledge, and marketable securities makes them the unsung heroes of the occasion devoted and dedicated to all kinds of real estate.

  • In accordance with their circumstances, make monthly or one-off contributions
  • Join WEFA as an active participant in events
  • Create awareness in the places they go to, i.e. school, work, street.
  • Organise multifunctional events, fairs, exhibitions, meetings and charity breakfasts/meals
  • Those that know another language can help us with translations
  • Help distribute leaflets and brochures about events organised by us
  • Ensure that traffic towards WEFA’s website increases by attaching our website to your respective social media and other media channels
  • Opt to distribute charity boxes to the workplace or home
  • Contribute with your ideas and suggestions