The United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) granted “special consultative status” to the WEFA International Humanitarian Aid Organization.

WEFA e.V. was granted to special consultative status from ECOSOC, which serves as a forum for international economic and social problems. WEFA will be able to carry its opinions and suggestions on working areas to UN-led countries and communicate these proposals to other interstate agencies.

ECOSOC membership gives NGOs the right to participate in international meetings to be held by the UN, the right to speak at meetings where states and NGOs meet, and the opportunity for the UN consultation.

NGOs carry their opinions and proposals to the council in writing and verbally through the NGO Committee, enabling civil society to participate in UN activities. NGOs that are eligible for the status are given the power to appoint representatives on behalf of the relevant NGO at the UN Headquarters, regional offices, and affiliates, and they have the authority to access and transition to such media and facilitate and represent them.

NGOs can send articles containing their own opinions to the member states and make oral presentations in the council. In addition, it grants a number of privileges such as logistical support, the allocation of space in public meetings of the UN General Assembly, meetings with other relevant NGOs, and the right to access the UN’s various certification systems.

ECOSOC, or the United Nations ” Economic and Social Council,” is the name of the UN’s union to coordinate other bodies working in economic, social, and related fields.