Collaborating with Global Leaders to Forge a Resilient Future
The humanitarian organization WEFA e.V. is delighted to announce its participation in this year’s World Bank Group Conference. Organized by the Boards of Governors of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank Group (WBG), this conference is scheduled to take place from October 9th to October 15th in Marrakech, Morocco.
The annual meetings bring together central bankers, finance and development ministers, private sector executives, representatives from civil society, media, and scholars to discuss global issues. These encompass global economic prospects, the stability of global finances, poverty eradication, inclusive economic growth, job creation, climate change, and much more.

The key themes of this year’s conference are:
1. Building Resilience: Given a fragile global economy and heightened uncertainty, policymakers must craft a more resilient future. This necessitates strengthening social safety nets to protect the most vulnerable, improving governance and accountability, fortifying policy frameworks, and addressing climate change. Threats
to food security and the risk of future pandemics make heightened efforts and collaboration to create resilient economies more urgent than ever.
2. Securing Transformational Recovery: The impacts of recent crises on countries’ economic situations have underscored the need for structural reforms to boost growth and ensure a transformation that promotes inclusion and diversification, addresses the existential challenge of climate change, and supports digitalization.
3. Reviving Global Cooperation: The world faces the danger of geo-economic fragmentation driven by political measures that could jeopardize the economic progress of recent generations. Countering this risk requires joint efforts to advance areas of common interest, such as combating climate change, reducing food insecurity, and enhancing pandemic preparedness. The IMF can play a crucial role in helping member countries adapt to new challenges and strengthen cooperation. The 2023 World Bank Group Conference presents an excellent opportunity to reinvigorate global cooperation.
WEFA is proud to participate in this significant event and will actively engage in discussions and solution-oriented approaches to collaboratively shape a sustainable and resilient future for all.
For more information and updates on WEFA’s participation in the conference, please visit our website.