Designed to fulfill the basic need of access to clean water in drought prone regions in the developing world, the Water Wells project at WEFA is one of the biggest and constantly ongoing projects. WEFA has already built more than 4.000 water wells around the world. We have partnered with experienced organizations that consistently deliver favorable and timely results. Our goal is to make clean drinkable water reachable by everyone.

Asya ve Afrika’da coğrafi şartlar, kuraklık ve altyapı sorunları nedeniyle susuzluk probleminin en yoğun yaşandığı bölgelerde su kuyuları inşa eden WEFA, 13 yıldır sürdürdüğü “Su Kuyusu” projesi kapsamında 15 ülkede 3.935 su kuyusunu mağdurların hizmetine sundu.

About the Water Wells

With this project, we do our best to deliver access to impoverished communities that are forced to go long distances to get water. Water protects people from a lot of infectious diseases caused by lack of hygiene. Agriculture can be boosted, thence strengthening the economy and taking us one step further in our goal to exterminate poverty.

The water wells are built for impoverished communities in drought prone regions around the world that have to go long distances to access clean drinkable water. 

Dehydration results in untimely death of individuals which consequently results in the decrease of skilled human power that will inherently impair the country’s economy. Supplying communities with water for themselves as well as their crops could prolong healthy lives and strengthen the fight against poverty.

How does one build a water well

  • The easiest way to start the process is to call and consult our customer service. Otherwise, please fill in our forms which are available online.
  • The full amount entitles you to name the water well. otherwise, you may donate to a joint project.
  • Kindly transfer the intended amount. You may donate as an individual or an organization/mosque/society.
  • Once the well is built, WEFA employee are sent to inspect and clear it for use. Pictures and videos are sent to our headquarters, which we will use to make you certificates of acknowledgment and gratitude.

Why we need your help

War and nature have aggravated the levels of drought and hunger in various regions of the developing world. We have taken it upon ourselves to bring this topic to your attention; we expect that you carry out your responsibility of sympathizing with communities that are affected by this and joining hands with us to change their circumstances and lives.