For WEFA it is important that our volunteers understand and comprehend the mission and vision of WEFA, and that they aim to carry the message of WEFA as far as they can in their sphere of contacts. In this instance, volunteers at WEFA must understand that it is key for us to perform our act in an understanding of kindness, and cooperation, wanting to help and reach out to the needy and victimised persons. Volunteers at WEFA does not limit their acts of kindness to our working areas but should also carry it to around with them at all times.

Our volunteers are responsible for spreading the work of WEFA and inviting people to join our team aswell. Meaning their should purpose would be to call people to “Kindness and Goodness”. WEFA volunteers values and acknowledges the time and effort they put into their work here at WEFA and we thank them for donating their efforts to us.

“WEFA Volunteer” = “Kindness and Goodness volunteer”
A WEFA Volunteer  acts upon the awareness of his/her social responsibility.
A WEFA Volunteer ‘s ready to reach out to all victims and needy locally and afar.
A WEFA Volunteer is merciful and virtuous, he/she also calls others to mercy and virtue.
A WEFA Volunteer encourages everyone around them to do good, through their skills, time, network, or even literature.