Ramadan is such a beautiful month. It nurtures our love and sincerity to each other. In this blessed month, mercy, and compassion are abundant and so much beauties are bestowed on the face of the earth. This is why our sense of clemency and sharing are at the highest level. Believers who want to get closer to Allah take care of people in need and commiserate with their Muslim brothers and sisters. All favors during Ramadan come from the heart.


2021 Ramadan Campaign

WEFA International Humanitarian Relief Organization is carrying out its 2021 Ramadan Campaign with the slogan “Ramadan’s Goodness From the Heart”. In a month where prosperity and abundance take place and generosity reaches its peak, we are sharing our heart with our oppressed and aggrieved brothers and sisters.

In the coming Ramadan, we will host orphans, refugees, the elderly, the poor, orphans, and families in need at the Iftar tables that we will set up in every corner of the world. We will have the honour of sharing with our brothers and sisters in Islam throughout this holy month.

We will carry out our Ramadan aid activities especially in disaster areas, crisis regions, regions with populous refugees, and regions suffering from hunger and drought. We will deliver various aid items to those in need in terms of Zakat, Fitrah, Fidyah, Alms/Sadaqa, food packets, and Iftar dinners. We will also distribute eid clothes for orphans on this year’s Eid Al-Fitr.


Ramadan Donation – How Can I Donate?

Donors who wish to support WEFA’s Ramadan aid campaign can make online donations via wefa.org or via Tele-Donation by calling +49 221 880 64 80. Donations can also be made in person with receipt at WEFA’s head office and representative offices. Additionally, donations can also be made by transferring funds to WEFA’s bank account; the purpose of donation (Zakat, Fitrah, Food packet, etc.) should be written in the description section.