Sponor a Family System, is a year long programme where a donation of 35€ meets the needs of an orphan, regardless of where they are in the world, group or organisation.
Including Turkey, WEFA has carriedo ut its orphan projects in 17 countries, particularly those affected by way, natural disaster and poverty. They have met shelter, nutrition, clothing, education and healthcare needs. WEFA Humanitarian Aid Organisation is there to help everyone that want to help an orphan regardless of place and time through our Orphans Unit.

Our Sponsorers are able to determine the region in which they want to sponsor a child, or we can advice on where it is most needed at the time, and from thereon, they can continue to sponsor for as long as they wish (as long as the minimum 1 year period is met).

Sponsorers are able to apply for the sponsorship of a child for one year or more, or for one orphan or more in the way which suits them (cash, creadit card, phone donations ect.) WEFA will make it reach. Sponsor families will be informed of the child they are sponsoring with information on the city, country, name, age and a photo ect. This information will be handled via email or post.

With the exception of those living in war zones, a report is produced once a year on the orphans well being and situation in general. WEFA allows for sponsor families to send a letter to the orphans, however these letters will be checked and will be delievered through WEFA. unfortunatly we cannot promise that the orphan child will respond. The expense of an orphan is approximatley 35€ per month.