The Orphans Fund at WEFA

More than 160 million children worldwide grow up without parents. Above all, the children in developing countries have to learn to deal with existential fears at an early age because of the lack of support. Every single day is a  struggle to not starve to death. Due to the limited opportunities in their countries and the lack of support, these children often have slim future prospects. So there is a lot of work to do for the WEFA, which is committed to these children.

Through this project, you have the opportunity to support our orphan fund, designed to give orphans a better future. Our monthly sponsorship program to cover the basic needs of one orphan is € 35. However, charitable people are welcome to pay any amount to our orphan’s fund and support several orphans instead.


What the money will be spent on

  • Construction of orphanages
  • To provide support to families of half-orphans(matriarchal families)
  • To buy gifts for orphans
  • To organise social activities for the orphans and their families
  • To repair/rebuild orphanages
  • To cover the health/educational/basic needs costs for the children
  • Ensuring their independence to decide their future paths