WEFA International Humanitarian Relief Organization extended its work in Asia and opened a mosque in Mongolia.

Abdulhamid Han Mosque, whose foundation was laid last year in Hovd province of Mongolia, was opened for worship. People in the region showed great interest in the opening of the mosque. Saying that they were so happy with the construction of the mosque, Mongolian Muslims thanked WEFA and all the benefactors.

WEFA volunteer Hatice Şahin, who coordinated the project with the slogan “Human is Amanah to Each Other” with WEFA Braunschweig, also gave great support to the implementation of the project.

Şahin expressed her feelings with the following words:

“I am so happy to be involved in such a meaningful project. The aid campaign that I started on social media was once again supported by my followers. The significant donations for the mosque were collected in a short time. I hereby thank WEFA and my dear followers.

Salih Özdemir from the WEFA Braunschweig team, said the following:

“It made us so happy to help our Muslim brothers in Mongolia and to meet their needs. I especially want to thank all the benefactors.”

The importance of the Mosque

The Muslim population is a minority in Mongolia and Muslims lack a suitable environment to fulfil their religious duties. Mongolian Muslims particularly need a warm and clean environment where they can worship collectively due to the cold and harsh winter season in the country.

Mosque with four minarets

200 people will be able to hold congregational prayers in the mosque built on an area of 200 square meters. With four minarets, Abdulhamid Han Mosque will significantly enhance the needs of Muslims in the region.

Kazakh Muslims

Hovda province is one of the 21 provinces of Mongolia in the west of the country. The population of the province is 81,479 as of 2015. Most of the population consists of Mongols, followed by Kazakh Muslims. Hovda is the second most Muslim-populated province in the country.