How to donate Qurban

The ceremony of Qurban symbolizes the term of coming closer and creating intimacy.
It is common knowledge that sacrificial worship occurs in almost all religions and belief systems. Sacrificial offerings (Qurban); the Koran, Sunna and ijma form the foundations of  islamic faith. Therefore, Eid Al-Adha plays a very important role in the religion of Islam. The tenth, eleventh, and twelfth days of the month Dhu al-Hijjah are called “Eyyam-ı nahr” (days of cutting).

When does the sacrifice (Qurban) take place? How to donate Qurban

You can make Qurban in the form of devotion (Adaq), Aqiqah, and as Shukr-Qurban (thanksgiving) at any time of the year. WEFA, the International Organization for Humanitarian Aid, which brings together those who do good and those who benefit from good, cares for the poor and needy by continuing its Qurban activities and distributions on three continents. Qurban donations classified Adaq, Aqiqah and Shukr sacrifices are accepted at any time of the year, and these sacrifices are offered at certain intervals in needy regions.

How can one donate a sacrifice?

Especially orphans and refugees, students, patients, the elderly, homeless and poor families benefit from WEFA’s victim support. In the years between 2006 and 2019, offerings in the form of Adaq, Aqiqah and Shukr were made in more than 20 countries, and a total of 367,450 people in need benefited from these sacrifices. In 2020, this number increased significantly.

What do your donations mean for needy regions?

According to the “World Food Safety and Nutrition Report” published by the United Nations in 2020, 690 million people worldwide cannot be adequately fed. People in Asia and Africa are among those who suffer from severe famine.

At WEFA, we have helped people in famine all over the world since our foundation. We have also shown our presence in the area of water well construction, orphanage sponsorships, Ramadan, and Qurban relief activities.

So far, we have helped many people in need. The experience we have had here has shown us that donations are crucial for the people who live in these regions.

As part of the Qurban campaign, your qurbans are slaughtered in the poor regions of the world and distributed there to those in need. Our WEFA employees, who carry out the aid measures in the region, report that the people here are fighting for their survival in poverty.

They are waiting for us

Aydanur Derindere, WEFA Volunteer, who participated in the relief efforts in Tanzania, expresses the desperation of the people in the region with the following words:

“While I was eating with orphans and their mothers, the mother of an orphan caught my attention. The woman simply packed the meat from the tray into her bag. She had not even wrapped the meat in anything. When she noticed that I was watching her, she was indeed very embarrassed. I was very shocked that this woman put the meat into her bag in shame. I felt ashamed of myself and asked myself: “Is the poverty here so great?”  I realized that we still have a lot to do. We should not sit and wait for something to happen.

When we wake up in the morning we should say “God! May you enable me to help other people today. We must pray and work hard for the people who are waiting for us.”

How to donate Qurban

How can you donate a sacrifice?
You can donate as follows:

You can reach us by coming to our offices or through our representatives and pay in cash against a receipt.
You can donate by making a direct debit to your bank.
You can make a bank transfer to our account numbers.
You can donate by calling our telephone numbers.
You can donate online on our website