Helping orphans – Having lost one or both parents and with no family, orphans are vulnerable to all kinds of risks.  Protecting them is one of the biggest social problems that today’s societies must overcome.

Without a doubt, every child needs affection. Furthermore, children should be supported in the areas of nutrition, medical care, housing and education. These basic rights are essentially the minimum requirement for child safety.

We prepare orphaned children in orphanages for the future

Orphanages are undoubtedly protected places where orphans are taken in under the roof of compassion and prepared for the future. At WEFA, we open orphanages in different regions of the world to help orphans. We offer orphans protection and educational support.  In addition, we organize cultural and artistic activities in these unique institutions and place special emphasis on making a positive contribution to the personal development of children.

WEFA’s schools for orphans in Tanzania and Burkina Faso

There are orphanages in Bangladesh, Togo, Somalia, Burkina Faso, Mongolia and Pakistan. In addition, we organize cultural and artistic activities in these unique institutions and place special emphasis on making a positive contribution to the personal development of children.

WEFA facilitates active support of orphans

At WEFA, we have started building a new orphanage in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso. The construction of the orphanage named “İlyas Zeyd” has commenced with an aim to provide the basic protection and needs of orphans. Ilyas Zeyd will be a warm home for children who have lost their parents for various reasons. Initially, 60 orphans will be hosted in the orphanage that has a capacity to accomodate 120 orphans. The orphanage, which will be built on two floors, will also include a dining room, a kitchen and a cellar. One room will be designed as a library. In addition, books and educational sets that have a positive effect on the development of children will be included in this library.

Helping Orphans 

WEFA volunteer Ayşe Bulut also provides financial support for the project, which is greatly assisted by the House of Praise and WEFA Netherlands.

Abdulrahman Köylüoğlu, General Manager of WEFA, who is also founder of the civil initiative “House of Praise”, expresses his feelings as follows: 

    “Of course we will make many orphans happy with this orphanage. But by helping others, we are doing ourselves a favour. We become more aware of what we have and are more grateful for everything. Since we’re fortunate enough to easily achieve many things in our lives, we do not know exactly how lucky we are.  We use every available resources to help orphans.”

Helping Orphans 

At WEFA, we set out to build a dormitory for homeless children in Ouagadougou. The dormitory will be a safe place of science for street children who try to study as hafiz by begging. On the other hand, the dormitory, which has a capacity of 60 people, will also include a kitchen, dining hall, terrace, masjid, activity area, and study room.

WEFA volunteer Hatice Şahin, WEFA-Karlsruhe representative Hasan Özdemir and WEFA YOUTH, who are carrying out relief work under the motto “People are trusting people”, are very supportive of the implementation of the project.We use all resources to help orphans.

    “We want to support these children who live on the streets and try to make a living. We want to offer them an opportunity to continue their education in a safe environment”.  (WEFA Volunteer Hatice Şahin)

Would you like to help orphans?

Helping orphans and improving their living conditions is mankind’s common duty.

In this context, it is necessary to utilize every resource available to ensure that orphans are accommodated in protected places and have access to necessary educational opportunities.  Hence, building orphanages in needy regions can be an effective step to prepare orphans for the future.

You, our benefactors, can make a significant contribution to the construction of orphanages in various parts of the world. With your donations, you can help vulnerable children reach their full potential and take advantage of opportunities to participate.

Helping Orphans 

Support the Orphan Sponsorship project and give orphans more hope for the future.