In the campaigns we have conducted; The problems of needy people in the region, can be tackled with a benevolent act and can provide the solution to these issues. Cataract surgery, care of orphans, water well drilling, contribution to education, no health assistance as we perform our activities and are our areas of contribution:

  • Become an active participant in our events
  • By making regular or one-off donations
  • Propose fundraisers in your workplace
  • Spread awareness on existing projects via family and friends
  • Organise fairs and food fairs or contribute towards an existing event
  • Organise informative panels, conferences, seminars and information nights
  • Invite us to your local area and support us in promotion of the charity through an event
  • Organise meals or breakfasts to support the projects
  • Organise Picture or Photography exhibitions
  • Support our translation services
  • Distribute our campaign brochures or leaflets within your locality
  • Create traffic to our website by sharing our link
  • Carry out a work experience at our office
  • Distribute our donation boxes
  • Contribute with your ideas and suggestions
  • Become a member to WEFA even for a small amount

In the course of all this work, we are able to facilitate with you with necessary promotional; CD’s, brochures, posters, ect. Come and join the wagon of goodness in any way you can.