About the project

If You See They Are Going to See” is one of the most extensive projects that we run. Several thousand patients have been given the gift of sight back with this project. The project is aimed at restoring comfort in the lives of patients, at allowing them to read, write and live the life that they are used to without having to be dependent on people around them. This project will be illuminating the lives of many people in Niger, Burkina Faso, Chad, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Ghana, Togo, Benin and Sahara belt countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Each and every year hundreds of people are losing their eyesight due to financial difficulties and infrastructural shortcomings to treat cataract at its earliest stages, creating a cycle of loss of trained skilled human power that eventually affects the economy of their country negatively. Children loose their eyesights at a young age and end up being too dependent on their relatives and close family members to make a future for themselves. Eventually, a treatable case of cataract results in more and more loss.

Wefa funds the development and delivery of sustainable eye surgery camps to these regions. We invest in people as well as infrastructure that we use to carry out the efforts to reach our goal.