Thousands of people in Africa can now be sensitive to life when you open their eyes. WEFA’s “If You See They Are Going to See,” the slogan of the campaign launched and thousands of people who are being deprived of the blessings of vision due to cataract are being treated. Thanks to your charitable act, All eyes that are treated are able to, to find way, read and write, will be able to maintain life without being dependent on others.

This project will be illuminating the lives of many people, Niger, Burkina Faso, Chad, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Ghana, Togo, Benin and Sahara belt countries such as Afghanistan, is carried out in Pakistan and Bangladesh.
Every year hundreds of people are losing due to financial difficulties and technical shortcomings which become a  common result of cataract eyes. Cataract caused by the impact of sunlight in Africa, has become many Africans nightmare when treatment at a young age is not available.

Cataract is one of the biggest health problems in some countries in the African continent, it is seen that the lack of infrastructure and poor nutrition are the result in this. Here the young, elderly, children often can be found in every part of cataract patients. Even small children have cataracts in both eyes and deprived of seeing the blessings of this age are pain for the hearts of people.

Not only because of starvation and civil wars in Africa, millions because of inadequacies in the health sector is losing experienced human life. Hot weather, poor nutrition, at least 600 thousand people every year for reasons such as an unhealthy environment and climate are losing their eyesight with cataracts at a young age. Eye doctors, many patients at the lack of treatment failure and the number of opportunities, especially in rural areas, it added, is condemned to live in the dark without the surgery. You can be the occasion to see again the eyes of a person. Including children, the elderly people on waiting until emergency surgery to victims of all ages, helping you to re-light waiting to be reunited with the support of the loved ones.