IMG_20151107_161345WEFA is an International Humanitarian Aid Organisation reaching out to all regardless of their religion, spoken language, ethnicity, race, region; our team is ready to help those around the world in hardship, hungry, or left wounded, homeless or disabled due to natural disaster, or war. Founded in 2006, we managed to reach out to 70 different countries and regions with humanitarian aid in a short amount of time taking with us emotions on humility. As WEFA we aim to work together to develop selflessness and a sense of solidarity through a range of social and cultural events. with no political ambition’ WEFA aims solely to help those in need and is an independent civil society organisation.

WEFA headquarters are based in Cologne/Germany with an office in Berlin aswell.

War, natural disaster, hunger, poverty and unmitigating crisis’ and problems that arise along with those left orphaned, widowed, not able to continue with education or have health issues creep up. All these are things which nobody wants to live, but are events that unfortunately strike us at the most unexpected times. All across the world wars, natural disasters and poverty have made hundreds and thousands of innocent people continue their lives as victims.

WEFA not only carries out emergency relief work or seasonal projects such as Ramadan and Qurbani campaigns, but is also involved in orphan sponsorship and orphanage programmes, water well projects and cataract operations as well as many more. Until today we have shed light upon the lives of over 4,000 people by facilitating for a cataract operation, as well as quench the thirst of all by carrying out water well projects in over 3,500 locations across Africa and Asia and have sponsored over 1700 orphans in 16 countries to ease their pain from absence of parents.

Alongside orphanages in Tanzania and Burkina Faso WEFA has opened facilities in Togo, Bangladesh, Somalia and Pakistan. We have formulated a village ‘WEFA village’ of 26 homes for those affected by the floods in Pakistan, opened up a healthcare centre in Palestine and a Eye hospital in Togo.

Whilst we have been giving attention to the 70 countries of the world, it would not have been ethical of us to turn a blind eye to the problems of the country we live in. In this sense we have developed a ‘Family School’ consisting of seminars and consultancy sessions, meetings, orphan gatherings, charity work and school-hospital-elderly home visits via events such as our breakfast gatherings. This can only be possible with the help of WEFA volunteers which we are grateful for.

WEFA e.V., is registered with the Cologne Family Legislature Court organisations.

WEFA e.V. makes an effort to provide a living space for all to live with human dignity.
WEFA aims to go to hard to reach places where the oppressed have been abandoned, we aim to reach out to places seen as impossible to go to, we aim to greet the forgotten peoples to become hope for them once again.
WEFA wants to reach out to the elderly, women and children that migrate due to natural disaster and war, hoping that they will once again look at life with a positive outlook, we are here to be their bread, shelter, medicine.
WEFA is here to wrap the wounds of all victims, and become the food on the table for the poor.
WEFA is here to provide education for children whom are unable to attain one, it is here to be their school, classroom and books.
WEFA is here to be the guardian of the orphans and win them to society.
WEFA is here to be the bridge between the hand that gives and the hand that takes.
WEFA is here to carry a historical mission to change the world into a better place.
WEFA is here to be the voice of the voiceless and inject the feeling of hope and return the goodwill to those involved in charitable work.
WEFA is here to be the voice of for people to live with human dignity in this world.

We thank all those who support and trust us on behalf of the victims and orphans. WEFA’s sole purpose is enable people to live their lives in dignity, and will continue to do so to the best of our ability.


  • Ensuring we create a field for all to live their lives in dignity
  • To protect fundamental principles in a changing world
  • To reach out the needy and victims with humanitarian aid and enable a dignified life for them
  • To become the bridge between the hand that gives and the hand that takes
  • To become the means for a charitable act and promote goodwill across the world


  • To reach an ends where those affected by war and natural disaster can return to a safe environment
  • To strengthen communities, peoples and societies that have been victimised
  • To contribute towards ridding poverty and restore social justice
  • To minimise harm and to reach out as quickly and effectively as possible
  • To achieve sustainability with sustainable projects


  • To deliver what has been entrusted with us on time, to the right place at the will of our donors
  • To ensure security and professionalism takes place and the entrusted reaches those in need
  • To prioritise service, goodwill and aid not the brand or names
  • To not expect anything in return for what we do
  • To help whoever you are, we have a nondiscrimination policy
  • To not be affiliated to any groups or parties
  • To respect both the donors and the receivers
  • To work lawfully and with transparency
  • To work ethically, responsible and sensible
  • To not participate in political activities
  • To avoid wastage in every way


  • Ramadan, Qurbani, Zakat, Orphanage Sponsorship, Orphange, Water Well, Income support projects
  • Cataract Operations, Health Centres, Health Checks
  • Voluntary Work
  • Educational Support
  • Health Support
  • Social Support
  • Local Events
  • Emergency Aid


H. Musab Aydın
Chairman of Board


Şerafeddin İmatoğlu
Member of Board
Mehmet Bakıcı
Member of Board