Adaq, in Islam, is the delivery of a pledge during a vow. For example, one may vow to slaughter two sacrificial animals in exchange for healing from a tough sickness. The slaughtering of the animals is what Adaq is.

The delivery of such a pledge is ‚Wajib‘, meaning it is a must, and failing to do so is a sin.

WEFA is willing to carry out your Adaq obligations in a wide range of options of locations around the world. Not only do you fulfill your sacrificial obligation, you also feed the poor and needy, adding to your Hasanat.

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Aqiqa is the slaughtering of sacrificial animals for welcoming newborn children. The offering is usually done on the 7th day after delivery, although it can be done any time as long as the chid does not reach puberty.

New parents around the world are left at a dead end trying to finance this very common ritual. For that reason, WEFA buys and donates sacrificial animals to struggling families to try and ease their burden.

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