The importance of water

Water is the basic source of life for all creatures. The need for the water parallel to the rapid increase in world population is growing day by day. Thirst is amongst the problems of the African continent, known as the most intensive in the arid desert climate resulting in a shortage of drinking water.

Did you know any of this?

  • Every 8 seconds, across the world a child dies from lack or water or adequate clean drinking facilities, young girls spend a lot of their time trying to reach clean water, and as a result fall behind their education, under the age of 5, 4 thousand 5 hundred children die every day from diarrhea
  • ⅓ of the world population 2.4 billion do not have access to water sources, in poor countries, 70% of the industrial kanalisation water is supplied via 90% of the country's water sources.
  • In Europe 160lt of water is consumed per person per day, whereas in africa this changes between 5lt-10lt, in addition they are required to walk far distances to reach this.

  • 70% of the earth constitutes of water, 97,5% of this is salty water, and 2,5% of it is sweet water. In the past century the population of the world has doubled, and consumption of water is 6 times more;
  • Poor countries have a drought problem. According to UNICEF 1:5 people are neglected of clean water, 1.2 billion people do not have access to water and that 2.2 million people lose their lives due to dirty water;
  • Atleast 1.6 million people have the potential to be saved from illnesses spread by unclean water.