Food Package

30,- €

Donate food packages to families in need.


50,- €

With a donation of 50,-€ you can provide iftar for 10 people.

Zakat and Zakat-ul Fitre

10,- €

You can reach the needy through WEFA with your Zakat and Zakat-ul-Fitre donations (10,-€).

Clothe the Orphan

20,- €

Make those awaiting for you happy on the festival of Eid

Sponsor and Orphan

35,- €

Give your heart to those whom are longing for a loving father with a monthly donation of 35,- €.

Cataract Operation

65,- €

Add colour to the world of those londing for light amidst the darkness.

Water Well

Become life to lips that have dried from thirst